The Wonders of a British Shorthair Cat from Ritzy Brits

Ritzy Brits specializes in a special breed of cat, the British Shorthair. This is our favourite breed because not only does it have a long history dating back nearly 2000 years, but in its simplest terms, they have a fantastically calm temperament and a fun side that will bring out a smile in anyone. Plus, they are beautiful little friends to have around.

British Short Hair cats love their families and enjoy staying close, and they aren’t terribly demanding or overly vocal. British Shorthair cats make excellent pets for most households, but they don’t tolerate disrespect.

British Shorthair breeder Norman Winder derived British Shorthair Chinchillas in the early 1970’s. He made a crossbreeding of Persian Chinchilla with a British Shorthair cat. His experiment was a full success: in 1973, Winder demonstrated at the exhibition a new breed that was named British Shorthair black tipped or “British Shorthair black silver tipped (Silver Shaded)”. The Board of Cat Clubs, England, recognized this color in 1980. Since this time due to other excellent breeders the Silver Shaded and Chinchilla British Shorthair has came along way and some exquisite color patterns and colors are now making there way to Cat Shows and Loving homes.

And due to the Persian in them these Silver beauties tend to be much more affectionate then their counter parts and love to be held and cuddled. British Shorthair cats do not lose their temper easily; they are calm and yet very playful.

About the British Shorthair Breed

This cat breed is a pedigreed version of the common domesticated cat in Britain. It features a stocky body with a soft, dense coat, and you can’t help but love the pleasant look and its broad face.

You may recognize one of the most familiar colour variants, the British Blue, as it has a solid grey coat with blue undertones, a medium-length tail, and interesting orange eyes. But this breed can come in a wide variety of colors and patterns.

Here at Ritzy Brits, our kittens come in these colors: Silver Shaded, Silver Shaded Points, Chinchilla and Golden Chinchilla. These are very rare within the British Shorthair color/patterns. So you are getting a brightly-toned cheerful friend that’s ready to give you plenty of love.

The British Shorthair is an extremely popular choice among cat lovers. This is due to the cat’s regal beauty and its sociability. Once you let a British Shorthair into your family, it becomes an active participant in your daily life with a personality all its own.

Why Ritzy Brits?

Your British Shorthair comes to you TICA certified, so you know you’re getting the beautiful breed you like. Plus, having been raised in our home-based cattery, from day one, your cat has been loved and cared for in a safe and loving environment.

Contact Ritzy Brits today and find a loving furry friend you can call family.

Our Cats

At Ritzybrits our cats and kittens are lovingly raised in our home.  They have full access to all areas of our home and spend their days on the cat towers, playing with their toys and getting lots of snuggles.  Our cats are fed the highest quality food and have regular visits to the vet for checkups.

We are TICA registered. Our cats have been genetically tested and have had their blood type checked for breeding.

Kittens stay with us until they are a minimum of 12 weeks of age and will only be given to their new homes once they have been checked by our vet, vaccinated  and given a clean bill of health.

Shipping is possible throughout the US or Canada.

Registered Catteries

King Casper

King Casper is a remarkable Golden Chinchilla Point with huge blue eyes.  He has a spectacular personality.  He loves to play hide and seek and has such a chill nature to him.  He loves car rides and thinks he’s the one getting a coffee at Starbucks.  All the people there love him and think he is the most beautiful cat ever.

Queen Cupcake

Queen Cupcake is a bit shy but loves her protein treats and toys.  She will race around the house playing or will sit there and stare you down until you get up to play with her.  She is Cookies sister, when they were kittens they flew to us all the way from Texas. Cupcake loves to lay between your legs when you try to sleep.

Queen Cookie

Queen Cookie is very independent.  She is the most playful and makes us laugh every time she want’s  her tummy rubbed she will be walking then flops over anywhere so you can rub her tummy and cheeks.  She prances like she is the happiest kitty on earth.  She loves to hide under the covers when you are making the bed.